Hände Desinfekt Schaum

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2 in 1 Produkt für zu Hause: Hygienische Händewaschung & Desinfektion

Mit oder ohne Wasser anzuwenden

Bakterizid und levurozid wirksam

Begrenzt viruzid wirksam, schützt vor dem Coronavirus SARS-CoV-2

Ohne Alkohol, feuchtigkeitsspendend und pflegend

3 Jahre haltbar

5 Sterne im klinisch-dermatologischen Test

Lieferung 1-4 Werktage



Charge any time using the USB-C cable

Wall Mount

Can be mounted with screws or the enclosed double-sided adhesive tape (e.g. on tiles or in rental properties)

hagi hand-disinfecting foam protects where a higher bacterial count is to be expected: in the kitchen after preparing fish, poultry and eggs, and at home when a family member is ill or has a weakened immune system. Even without water, in just 30 seconds, the foam combats enveloped viruses, such as corona, influenza and HIV, as well as all childhood illnesses such as rubella, measles and chickenpox. Yeast fungi, which cause urinary tract infections or nappy rash and thrush in babies and toddlers, don’t stand a chance either.

hagi DESINFEKT Schaum


Professional tech for your home

The touchless, drip-free, rechargeable disinfectant dispenser prevents the transmission of germs, protecting young and old from bacteria, viruses and fungi.

The dispenser head is reusable and therefore environmentally friendly. Its consistency ensures that the foam is very long-lasting: up to 350 doses per refill.


1. Activate the charged dispenser with the controller.

2. Hold your hands under the dispenser nozzle.

3. The dispenser automatically releases the right amount of foam.

4. Spread the foam carefully on both hands.

5. 2 in 1: Either rinse with water (hygienic hand washing) or allow to dry for 30 seconds (disinfection).

Scope of delivery

Automatic hagi hand desinfect foam dispenser

Wall mount (incl. double-sided adhesive tape)

1 first fill – 180 ml

USB-C cable


Didecyldimethylammoniumchlorid (DDAC-C10) 1,2g/100g
180 ml
bakterizid, levurozid wirksam; begrenzt viruzid wirksam bei einer Anwendung von 30 Sekunden. Somit auch gegen Coronavirus wirksam.
Geprüfte Krankenhausqualität
EN 13727, EN 13624, EN 1499 0 % Alkohol, IFRA-konformes Parfum, frei von CMR-Stoffen

Spezifische Referenzen


  • Didecyldimethylammoniumchlorid (DDAC) 1,2g/100g


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